Love and Parting

Suclpture de Freddy Tsimba, Les amants

On either side of the fence, a man and a woman cling to the hope of reuniting one day. While in residence at the town of Les Lilas (near Paris), Freddy Tsimba was inspired by the tragic history of Fort Romainville, used to detain women during the Second World War. Imprisoned, the women awaited deportation to the camps. One of them became pregnant — a triumph of a love that goes beyond bars despite separation.

Freddy Tsimba (1967), Les Amants du fort de Romainville (The lovers of Fort Romainville), no. 30010, 2020. Scrap materials, found forks and spoons, fencing. Artist’s collection, Kinshasa. Photo © Wonda-Mansia.