The temporary exhibition reopens on Tuesday 1 December 2020 and will last until 15 August 2021.

For the first temporary exhibition since it reopened in December 2018, AfricaMuseum invites Kinshasa artist Freddy Tsimba to enter a dialogue with the museum’s collections. The exhibit is curated by writer In  Koli Jean Bofane, with the scientific contribution of Henry Bundjoko, director of the Musée national de la République démocratique du Congo – Kinshasa.

The title of the exhibit, ‘Mabele eleki lola ! The earth, brighter than paradise’, expresses the urgency of living in the here and now, and to the resilience demonstrated by Congolese people day after day.

Tsimba’s monumental works come into dialogue for the first time with the museum’s collections. The artist thus pays homage to the work of traditional sculptors and smiths alike. In this exceptional encounter, twenty-two installations by Freddy Tsimba come face to face with thirty museum pieces. 

The curator presents a face-to-face encounter between the memories contained in the ethnographic pieces and the spirit of Freddy Tsimba’s work. For the artist, the museum’s pieces hold memories that are waiting to come alive. African artists and intellectuals have always been interested in the museum’s collections. Opening this heritage to new studies, reflections, and reappropriations is an important step in the process of transforming the museum and its collections.

This exhibition of the AfricaMuseum was realised in partnership with Africalia and WBI (Wallonie Bruxelles International). Together, the three institutions have in common to make artists and cultural actors from the African continent better known.


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